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▲ 采用特殊的三级进料机构实现快加中加慢加,大大提高定量包装的精度;

▲ 采用进口技术触摸屏称重控制仪表、称重传感器、气动执行部件,计量精度高,性能稳定。

▲ 该设备以先进的??榛杓评砟钗?,实现人工上袋与自动上袋、人工理袋与自动理袋


▲ 手动自动模式可以一键切换,大大提高了设备的兼容性,对于一字型编织袋,不管是否覆


▲ 智能调整规格,大幅度降低了操作工人的专业技能要求,实现智能式操作

▲ 上袋机有残袋,破袋剔除功能,避免残缺袋引起的撒米,保证设备的稳定性

▲ 与物料接触部件均采用食品级不锈钢材料,使用寿命长。

▲ 自带远程监控???,可以随时随地了解生产情况

▲ 预留RS232/485串行口,可与外围管理系统进行数据通讯。

Features--Full automatic packing machine set

▲ The special three stage- feeding mechanism is used to improve the accuracy of quantitative packing greatly;

▲ The imported touch screen weighing controller, weighing sensor, pneumatic components, high precision and stable performance;

▲ The device is based on the modular advanced design idea, realization of manual and automatic bag supply to ensure the continuity of production;

▲ Manual/Auto mode can be switched by one button, greatly improving the compatibility of the equipment. For slotted woven bags, regardless of whether the film, can be compatible;

▲ Intelligent adjustment specifications, greatly reduces the worker's professional skill requirements, implementation of intelligent operation;

▲ It has a residual bag, broken bag removal function, to avoid the spilling caused by residual bag , to ensure the stability of the equipment;

▲ And material contact parts are made of food grade stainless steel material, long service life;

▲ With remote monitoring module, you can understand the production situation anytime and anywhere;

▲ The reserved RS232/485 serial port for data communication;


APPLICATION :Suitable for rice, sugar, chemical, food, feed and other industries pellet automatic quantitative packing;

QDB-600-Y3  全自动包装机组

技术参数Technical Parameter:

型号规格Model number:QDB-600-Y3

包装范围Packing range:20-50KG(可定制customizable)

分度值Division value:10g

精度等级Accuracy class:X(0.2)

包装速度Packing speed:500-600(bag/h)

电源耗电Power consumption:380V  50Hz  2.2KW

气源耗气Gas source and consumption:0.4-0.6MPa  2m3/h

包装袋规格Bag dimension:长:740-970  宽:445-550 (可定制customizable)

安装高度Installation height:3035(mm)

适用包装袋Applicable packing bag:一字型编织袋Slotted woven bag


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